It is commonly, but not exclusively believed, that the Herdwick’s earliest ancestors came to England during the Viking invasions between the 10th and 11th centuries. Herdwick Jumper. Knitted chunky hat kit in pure wool. Herdwick wool is hard wearing, non fading and completely natural. If they and their shepherds go, that is the end of the Lakeland where I have climbed, walked, skied and skated for nearly 80 years; of the Lakeland I have written about nearly all my life. We have always had such fun making the My Herdy collection pieces, and this one really made us all smile. Please click here to find out more about our Crookabeck Herdwick Sheep. Hembury Chair - Herdwick. Tel: 017684 82742. Ian worked with HSBA to create their award winning display at NSA North Sheep 2015. Rams are horned and ewes polled. The Wool The Herdwick sheep has a heavy, dense coat of wool with an insulating undercoat of fine wool, perfect for surviving Lake District winters, Herdwick wool is a coarse quality hard wearing wool, approx 40 microns and a length of 85-90mm. The origin of the breed itself is unknown, but the most common theory is that the ancestors of Herdwick sheep were introduced by early Norse settlers. A yearling ram, two ram lambs, two ewe lambs and two yearling ewes where shown in the Natural Colored Long Wool show.� 2017, first U.S. The Herdwick bags are crafted exclusively from Herdwick tweed. From shop LittleBeauSheep. Herdwick sheep are a rare breed found particularly on the Cumbrian fells in the Lake District. Lake District farmers in particular receive subsidies for operating in a designated Less Favoured Area from the England Rural Development Programme. Wool is a fantastic carbon store, the processes used to grow and produce wool mean that wool is loaded with carbon dioxide that would otherwise be in the atmosphere – in fact carbon makes up to 50% of the weight of wool! Their wool can be quite dark with a coarse texture and until recently, the textile industry shunned it in favour of softer and paler fleeces to meet the ‘neutral’ demands from interior designers. [7], In the later years of her life (over 50), the children's author Beatrix Potter was involved with keeping and breeding Herdwicks, even acting as president of the breed association for a time. Our friends at the herdy company are great supporters and celebrators of our amazing breed, through their business and on-going work behind the scenes with the herdy fund. [9] Most farmers survive through the sale of lambs, as well as both National Trust and European Union farm subsidies. Still far fewer in number than most commercial breeds, Herdwicks survive largely due to farming subsidies. After 8 years of breeding, with lambs out of our 84.5% Herdwick tup "Hahnsom", we have stock available for you to add the hardy Herdwick … The most fabulous images of Herdwick sheep in their home in the Lake District. Herdwick sheep are probably the most hardy of all the UK breeds of hill sheep, grazing in the mountainous dales of the English Lake District, which has fells rising to more than 915m (3,000ft) above sea level. Wool dryer balls, pack of 3 Herdwick sheep felted laundry balls, reusable, chemical free laundry, natural fabric softener. The Chimney Sheep draught excluder for chimneys comes with its own dangle, and it is very important that this is visible at the top of the fireplace so no-one forgets it is there and lights a fire. Herdwick makes a range of beautifully designed Herdwick Tweed bags and accessories designed and made in The Lake District. I am the luckiest man alive, because I get to live and work in the most beautiful place on earth: Matterdale in the English Lake District. [11] Of the estimated 100,000 Herdwick sheep present before the outbreak, a full 25% were lost. [1] According to this, it was brought to the region somewhere between the 10th and 11th centuries during the Viking invasions of western England. The book is unique in its contemporary presentation of this heritage-rich subject and will have local, national and international appeal. Herdwick sheep are the most hardy of all Britain’s breeds of hill sheep, grazing the central and western dales of the Lake District with fells running to over 3000 feet. The farm is home to our flocks of Angora goats and Herdwick sheep. My Herdy Tup, a numbered limited edition of 250 pieces, presented in a hand made box. The wool from Herdwick sheep is usually fairly course – not the best choice for a teddy intended for babies or children, but ideal if you need a bear for the man in your life! From wool clip to wool chair, it takes the wool from one sheep to make a chair. HERDWICK SHEEP QUICK PROFILE OVERVIEW; The Herdwick Sheep breed is a very old breed of sheep that was bred in the Lake District of England: Country of Origin: United Kingdom: Other Names: None: Breed Size: Small: Main Purpose: Meat and wool: Can be used for: Breed, Meat, Wool ** LSC (Landscape Management) Temperament: Docile and easy to handle Ideal Climate: The fleece from our goats and sheep is used to produce a range of mohair and wool products. This hardy breed lives on the highest elevations of the Lake District in England. Wool & Silk Shawl KIt. The cost of shearing the sheep being more than the money they could sell the fleece for. The slowly maturing breed is one of the most hardy of all the British hill sheep breeds, withstanding the cold and relentless rain of the Lake District at heights upwards of 3,000 feet (about 1,000 metres). Crookabeck Farm is in Patterdale by Ullswater in the English Lake District. Fiber diameter: The three (under-coat) is 19 to 22 microns … Uses. Icelandic SheepFleece Weight: 4 to 5 lbs. The subsequent influx of tourists to the District has at times conflicted with traditional life, including the raising of Herdwicks. They are raised mostly in the central and western dales of the Lake District and are noted for their foraging ability in rough terrain. The Herdwick sheep inspired the creation of Herdy back in 2007, and through the company’s responsibility agenda, they find ways of of supporting all kinds of rural community initiatives; upland fell farming and the Herdwick sheep, through the herdy fund. Website by, Herdwick Sheep Breeder Association Main Herdwick Sales 2020, Visit Crookabeck Herdwicks  Herdwick Wool & Knits, Email Crookabeck Herdwicks  Herdwick Wool & Knits, Visit Herdwick – A Portrait of Lakeland Ian Lawson, Email Herdwick – A Portrait of Lakeland Ian Lawson. Herdwicks have been known to survive under a blanket of snow for three days while eating their own wool.[3]. [18], Herdwicks are a dual-purpose breed, producing strongly flavoured lamb and mutton and a coarse, grey wool. ga.src = ('https:' == document.location.protocol ? The wool is also an excellent natural insulator; it is possible to buy sheets of fireproofed wool to fit as loft insulation. The name "Herdwick" is derived from the Old Norse herdvyck, meaning sheep pasture. Crookabeck, Patterdale, Penrith, Cumbria CA11 0NP. [8] Upon her death in 1943, she bequeathed fifteen farms - a total of approximately 4,000 acres (16 km²) to the National Trust and, as per her instruction, all continue to graze Herdwick flocks. Herdwick: Tweed with Provenance. Please call  for further information. Those who agree to maintain their land in accordance with sustainable farming practices also receive additional subsidies.[1]. It is considered that up to 99% of all Herdwick sheep are commercially farmed in the central and western Lake District. This Herdwick has a 3-4 inch staple length and is 29 Micron, combed top. A life lived by the three hundred surviving fell farming families, this is a book of photos and words filled with reverence and love. Before chemical dyes became available, this dye was made from either iron ore or graphite mixed with grease. [21] For shows and auctions, Herdwicks traditionally have their wool ruddied up (the local term for raddled) with dye. They were not easily replaceable because long-standing herds are hefted so the introduction of new stock to the fells would have required extensive fencing. click to buy. Wools of Cumbria Carpets is proud to be able to offer wool grown, sheared, scoured, spun and made into carpet within 100 miles of the centre of Cumbria. On Sunday, October 22, 2017 our Herdwick bred sheep were shown at the New York State Sheep and Wool Festival, Dutchess County Fairgrounds, Rhinebeck, NY. Utilising the natural shades of their fleece we weave pure Herdwick wool worsted tweed. Silk Corsarges. Crookabeck Farm is in Patterdale by Ullswater in the English Lake District. A few months later a cardboard box appeared on my doorstep. Copyright © Herdwick Sheep Breeders Association 2020. Spencer Hannah from herdy tells us: “The brief to Merrythought, England’s last remaining teddy bear manufacturer, was to make My Herdy Tup ‘complete’ with his two ‘most valuable assets’. _gaq.push(['_trackPageview']); 5 out of … [CDATA[ Cushion. The call for vaccination rather than culling to preserve what is considered a part of the traditional identity of the fells and moors was led by parties such as the Duke of Westminster, Earl Peel, Lord Barnard and Lord Lonsdale, who wished to save the hill sheep on their lands. Read lots of other stories on  the herdy blog and  for more about the making of My Herdy Tup here, Robinson Place Farm, Great Langdale, Ambleside, Cumbria, LA22 9JS. Due to the rough conditions on fells, lambing losses can be as high as 25%. var __st={"a":9097490,"offset":3600,"reqid":"f573aabc-5522-4fad-b6b9-3398ebdd0dc6","pageurl":"\/collections\/book\/products\/herdwick-common","s":"products-1865249091","t":"lead","u":"97fac485b959","p":"product","rtyp":"product","rid":1865249091}; The Herdwick sheep who roam the Lake District fells are the inspiration for our exclusive range of bags, accessories, cushions & caps. // ]]> //
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